Your Story

It’s about you.  Custom tailored events designed by expert teams that leave everyone smiling.  We offer the best vendors and elements from our wide array of options and experience.  We compose the event with your needs and vision.  And we put it all together seamlessly so you can rest easy and look forward to your event.


Alice Perry Productions was born in New York City.  Producing throughout The United States and with over 35 years in collective industry experience.  Our in-house teams bring taste, efficiency, and experience to bear on each production.  We make your journey throughout the process just as exciting.


”text=[“APP orchestrates with elite vendors.  From fanciful caterers to avant garde artists and charismatic people.  Providing you with a powerful array of options and those who to best wield them.  Each note is tuned to your voice.“] icon_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#ffffff”
Creative Design Team